2011 Fash-Halloween Costume Ideas: Smurfette or Hello Kitty

Have you got the Monday Blues? I hope not, let’s talk about 2011 Fash-Halloween costume ideas! It’s easy to reference cartoons for Halloween costume ideas. I bet SMURFETTE is going to be a hot choice for the ladies. However if you’re a fan of all things CATS, why not dress up as HELLO KITTY? See below for the costumes available and maybe, you can DIY (like I always do!). You have one week, there is still time! Which is your favorite?

I think it is actually pretty cool to dress up as a group – SMURFS! Hee, I’m a cartoon geek. Sue me!

This Hello Kitty costume is sooooo adorable! I would wear that in a heartbeat.

I like the dress and the white heels – NOT A FAN of the blue face. I don’t think you should paint your face. CREEPY.

You don’t really have to look like Hello Kitty but you can improvise like this girl.

Take inspiration from Katy Perry‘s Smurfette look at the Smurfs movie premiere.

Finally, this is TOO KAWAII… You’ll never get my cat to wear something like this. But, soooo cute!